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I Went To A Pens Game

Posted by ManTheBren - December 17th, 2017

Yeah it was fun

Honest to god, here in Arizona, there is nobody here that actually cares for the Coyotes. I've lived here for a while and  they just don't care. Why would they, though?

We scored two goals in the second period. They scored at the end of that period and the beginning of the third.


They nearly scored again when the puck went through Matt Murray's Legs, but then Olli Maatta stopped it. Remember that name.

With 14 seconds left, Olli Maatta scored a goal.  A few seconds later, Crosby intercepted a pass and shot the puck from the red line and got an empty net goal. It makes sense, Crosby scored the last goal. He was the biggest reason I liked the Pens in the first place (Other than the fact that they're a Pittsburgh sports team, but so are the Pirates and I hardly ever follow them, so whatevs).

As I left the stadium, I came across a Pitt fan who chanted "FOUR-TEEN-SE-CONDS". Of course being a reference to the goal Maatta scored with 14 seconds left. I will honestly never forget.

I'll also never forget how literally at least 90% of the fans there were Pens fans. Did I also mention this game was in Arizona?

Pittsburgh 4

Arizona 2





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Arizona has always had a very fickle homegrown sports crowd, sadly. There's also a lot of transplants in the Phoenix area who brought their native sports culture with them, who found work in Arizona during the early-mid 90s, when major sports teams outside of the Suns hadn't been established or were quite young.

it seems Cardinals have the most loyal fans. Diamondbacks reeled in a lot of fans getting the state's first and only major sports championship, but they are often still outnumbered by Cubs/Red Sox/Yankees fans in games. The Suns have been in a steady decline this decade, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the team move in the 2020s unfortunately. Arizona has never been a big hockey town, partially due to the weather, and they have had trouble find a place to play.

I read through the post thinking you were a Coyotes fan...then recalled your first line and looked again at what you were wearing...oh well :P well happy belated birthday, glad you had fun, and always nice to see if a fellow Arizonan on Newgrounds (go Suns)